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About the FPSC Cross-Country Connection

The first-ever FPSC Cross-Country Connection is coming to Halifax, Calgary and Vancouver. This event is an opportunity for financial planning professionals and advisors to come together and explore the many environmental forces faces the financial services industry today.

These morning events will include an Ethics Breakfast hosted by FPSC’s Director, Standards and Enforcement, Damienne Lebrun-Reid, LL.B.  In her 90-minute session, Damienne will be showcasing a case study that is based on common ethical dilemmas she encounters in her dealings with CFP professionals. The remainder of the morning will be spent in discussions with FPSC’s President & CEO, Cary List and Dan Busi, the Vice Chair of FPSC’s Board (in Calgary and Vancouver) as  we explore the many environmental issues that will impact the financial planning profession now and into the future.

The FPSC Cross-Country Connection will take place in Calgary (April 6) and Vancouver (April 7).

For more information, to arrange an interview, or to attend the FPSC Cross-Country Connection, please contact Caroline Horcher at, 416.593.8587, ext. 232 or 1.800.305.9886.

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