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The FPSC Level 1 examination is a four-hour exam made up of approximately 95 multiple-choice questions. Questions focus on specific elements of the CFP Professional Competency Profile and may also require integration across several financial planning areas.

It’s important to understand that the elements of financial planning competency focus not only on knowledge required, but on how CFP® professionals must behave in practice. The questions on the FPSC Level 1 examination will mainly refer to one element of competency. You’ll be expected to understand the competencies and how they should be applied in practice.

Practice Exam
The Practice Exam gives you an opportunity to experience how the actual exam looks and feels as it provides feedback on your performance. The Practice Exam’s self-scoring feature gives you unique insight into what’s required for successful completion of the exam. Of candidates who have prepared with the Practice Exam in the past, 95% said they were more familiar with the examination software, more than 90% felt the diagnostic report provided useful feedback on their performance and 90% felt better prepared to write the exam.
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Examination Webinar

An exclusive webinar for exam candidates, facilitated by FPSC’s Examinations department. Learn how to use the CFP Professional Competency Profile in your studying, gain insight into the exam process and much more. If you miss the live webinar, you can view it online. Learn more

Sample Exam Questions

If you’re registered for the FPSC Level 1 examination, you have access to sample exam items through your FPSC Dashboard. You’ll find sample case studies, examples of retired exam questions, keys to competency and much more.
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Software Tutorial
Familiarize yourself with the examination software by using our software tutorial. The tutorial gives you an opportunity to experience how the software will work. Try it here

Study Tips

We strongly encourage you to use the CFP Professional Competency Profile and materials from your approved education program to prepare for the FPSC Level 1 examination. FPSC cannot review, recommend or endorse any external study help providers or courses. If you use external sources, be aware they are not endorsed or recommended by FPSC or as materials representative of the FPSC Level 1 examination.

On the day of the exam, arriving prepared and knowing what to expect is your best strategy for success. Please consult the Guide to FPSC Examinations for more details.

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