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The Practice Exam is a study tool to help prepare you for success in the FPSC Level 1 examination. The Practice Exam is an opportunity to experience how the actual exam looks and feels – and most importantly provides feedback on your performance. We encourage you to take advantage of this effective study tool.
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How it works

Based on the FPSC Level 1 Examination Blueprint, the Practice Exam includes the same number and type of questions, level of complexity and scope as those you’ll see on the actual exam. The Practice Exam has the same structure and format as you’ll experience on exam day and it’s administered using the same software.

We recommend completing the Practice Exam early in the preparation process. After purchasing it, you may write the Practice Exam once. It can be completed over multiple sittings, taking a maximum of six hours in total. When you’re finished, the Practice Exam will generate a diagnostic report to help you identify areas that may require more study, and you’ll receive detailed rationales for each answer option. The information provided in the diagnostic report is invaluable – you’re encouraged to refer to it while preparing for the FPSC Level 1 examination. You can view the Practice Exam questions, their response options and the rationales for each correct and incorrect answer as often as you like until exam day.

How to order

Log in to your FPSC Portal for more information and to order.

The FPSC Level 1 Practice Exam is available for $150, but you can save $25 by purchasing when you register for your exam sitting. Purchase of the Practice Exam is restricted to candidates who have registered or are registering to write the FPSC Level 1 examination. It is for personal study use only. Please note that once the Practice Exam has been purchased, refunds can’t be provided. Read the terms and conditions here.

A note on level of difficulty

You may perceive that the level of difficulty of the actual exam varies from the Practice Exam. This is likely because you have more time to write the Practice Exam, you have access to study materials while you write it and the results have no direct consequences. For the actual exam there may be some differences in administration settings and there are tighter time constraints for writing. These stresses may make the actual exam seem more difficult.

The practice exam is updated annually for currency and new content is added approximately every 18 months. If you have questions about the Practice Exam, please contact us at Note that questions or comments received less than two days prior to the FPSC Level 1 examination will not be answered until after the exam. There are no additional explanations or tutoring on the Practice Exam content. Please refer to your study materials to better understand the concepts presented in the Practice Exam.