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Financial Planning Standards Council Announces Composition of 2017/2018 Board of Directors

Dan Busi to lead the establishment of standards for the financial planning profession in Canada

TORONTO, ON – June 22, 2017 – Today, at its Annual Meeting in St John’s, Newfoundland, Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC) announced the appointment of Dan Busi, CFP® of Calgary, Alberta as FPSC’s Board Chair, succeeding Dawn Hawley, CFP, who has led the FPSC Board as Chair for the past two years. Brett Millard, CFP of Kelowna, British Columbia was elected Vice Chair.

In addition, three new individuals were appointed to the FPSC Board. Dave Wild of Regina, Saskatchewan, former Chair and CEO of Financial Consumer Affairs Authority, was elected as a public director. Martin Dupras of Montreal, Quebec, Past Chair of the Institut québécois de planification financière (IQPF) Board of Directors, was elected as the Quebec financial planner representative. Ron Harvey, CFP of Ottawa, Ontario, Past Chair of CGA Ontario, was elected to a CFP professional seat.

“I am grateful for Dawn Hawley’s incredible leadership these past two-plus years,” says Cary List, President and CEO of FPSC. “Dan Busi has many years of volunteer leadership with FPSC, including having served as Chair of FPSC’s CFP Exam Panel, and we are very privileged to have Dan take the reins as Board Chair.”

“We are also honoured to have such esteemed individuals as Dave, Martin and Ron agree to join the FPSC Board,” says List. “Their long list of accomplishments as leaders will be a tremendous asset to FPSC as we further our purpose of driving value and instilling confidence in financial planning throughout Canada.”

Candidates for Board seats are recommended by FPSC’s Board Development Committee and are approved by the members of the Board.

FPSC Board members volunteer their time, and may serve up to two three-year terms. The Board appoints a Chair from within its ranks annually. Chairs may serve up to two years in that capacity.

The FPSC Board is composed of 10 Directors with varied relevant backgrounds, expertise and experience, including five Certified Financial Planner® professionals, three public directors, one director at large and one licensed financial planner from Quebec.

The FPSC Board also appoints members to three independent panels to help carry out its responsibilities. The panels include:

These new appointments come at a time of significant change within the financial services industry.

“The newly constituted Board of Directors has a significant opportunity to guide the future of the financial planning profession in Canada,” notes Busi. “As the financial services industry enters this period of transformation, FPSC will play an important role in ensuring that those it certifies meet the changing needs of Canadian consumers and maintain a strong foundation on which the financial planning profession is built.”

FPSC would like to thank outgoing Board Chair Dawn Hawley, CFP, for her contributions and leadership. Dawn has served eight years on the Board, including the past two years as Chair, and continues to volunteer with FPSC. FPSC also thanks outgoing Director Gilles Sinclair, Pl. Fin., who has been a highly valued member of the Board for the past six years.

Key changes to the 2017/18 FPSC Board of Directors include:

Dan Busi, CFP (Calgary, Alberta) has been appointed Chair of the Board. A member of the FPSC Board of Directors since 2013, Dan is Vice President & Investment Counsellor for RBC PH&N Investment Counsel. Driven by a strong focus on professional development and education, Dan has volunteered with FPSC in a number of capacities, including Item Writing, Panel of Examiners, Academic Advisory Committee and Certification Scheme Committee. He was awarded the Fellow of FPSC™ distinction in 2011.

Brett Millard, CFP (Kelowna, British Columbia) has been appointed Vice Chair of the Board. Brett was elected to the Board by fellow CFP professionals in 2014. The owner of SPEIR Wealth Management Inc., Brett has a background in business and risk management and a long history of involvement in his local community.

The newest Directors include:

Dave Wild, Public Director (Regina, Saskatchewan): Dave is the Associate Deputy Minister of Finance responsible for the Public Employee Benefits Agency in Saskatchewan. He has a distinguished career in the regulation of financial services in Saskatchewan, having served as Chair and CEO of Financial Consumer Affairs Authority, Chair of Saskatchewan Securities Commission and in many other key roles. Dave is past Chair of the Joint Forum of Financial Market Regulators and the Canadian Association of Pension Supervisory Authorities.

Martin Dupras, Pl. Fin., Director (Montreal, Quebec): Martin is an independent financial planner who is President of ConFor financiers, which provides financial planning services, training and counselling to individuals and groups. Past Chair of the Institut québécois de planification financière (IQPF) Board of Directors, Martin is a professor at Sherbrooke University and has contributed to La Cible, Solution IQPF, Finance et Investissement and the Projection Assumption Guidelines.

Ron Harvey, CFP, Director (Ottawa, Ontario): With a financial planning career that has spanned almost 25 years, Ron is Senior Financial Advisor and Branch Manager at Investment Planning Counsel. He is a Fellow of FPSC, as well as Fellow of Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario, Fellow of Certified General Accountants and a Chartered Director. Ron is a Board member and Past Chair of CGA Ontario and Board member of CPA Ontario Council.

The full FPSC Board of Directors for 2017/2018 is composed of Dan Busi, CFP, Chair; Brett Millard, CFP, Vice Chair; Caroline Dabu; Martin Dupras, Pl. Fin.; François Durocher, CFP; Ron Harvey, CFP; Gena Katz, CFP; Pat Macdonald; Peter Shena; and Dave Wild.

More information about the FPSC Board of Directors is on the FPSC Governance web page at

About Financial Planning Standards Council

As a professional standards-setting and certification body working in the public interest, FPSC’s purpose is to drive value and instill confidence in financial planning. FPSC ensures those it certifies―Certified Financial Planner® professionals and FPSC Level 1® Certificants in Financial Planning―meet appropriate standards of competence and professionalism through rigorous requirements of education, examination, experience and ethics. With FPSC’s formal partnership with the Institut québécois de planification financière (IQPF), which is the only organization authorized to certify Financial Planners in Québec, there are more than 23,500 Financial Planners in Canada who have met, and continue to meet, FPSC’s standards. More information is available at and

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