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Remarks by Dan Busi, FPSC’s Board Chair, at IQPF’s Annual Congress

Delivered on September 27, 2018 at IQPF’s Annual Congress in Charlevoix, Quebec

Bonsoir. My name is Dan Busi, Chair of the FPSC Board. Thank you for inviting us here tonight to join you in celebrating this fantastic profession. 

Tonight I’m thrilled to share some exciting news about FPSC’s future, and announce details of our formal new partnership with IQPF.

In April of next year, FPSC will become FP Canada: a new organization with a fresh new identity and expanded scope, dedicated to advancing professional financial planning.

Consumers from coast to coast, French and English, are facing a multitude of the same financial challenges. But as disruption occurs all around us, and as technology plays an ever-increasing role in our lives, the financial planning profession needs to ensure it continues to deliver real value beyond what technology can offer.

While FP Canada will continue its important standards-setting and certification work, it will also do much more. The new organization will have a broadened mandate of elevating the practice of financial planning. Upon launch, FP Canada will begin offering new tools and resources to help human financial planners meet the needs of all Canadians.

FPSC and IQPF have always both been deeply committed to fostering better financial health for consumers. That’s why I’m thrilled that on April 1 of next year, IQPF will become a proud partner of FP Canada, enabling us to collectively pursue our mandate with coast-to-coast representation.

Under the agreement signed last night, Québec will have greater representation on FP Canada’s Board of Directors and on important Committees. And with IQPF’s partnership, FP Canada will soon begin publishing its materials, tools and resources in French as well as English. Over time, we’ll work to further strengthen and harmonize our programs, and with IQPF’s partnership, FP Canada will be able to serve as a coordinated voice for the financial planning profession across the country.

Under the dedicated leadership of IQPF’s Chair, Julie Raîche, and President & CEO Jocelyne Houle-LeSarge, IQPF has done outstanding work in building a cohesive financial planning profession in Quebec.

And at FPSC, the hard work and leadership of President and CEO Cary List has been instrumental in FPSC building greater confidence in financial planning across Canada.

As I close, I’d like to thank FPSC’s other Task Force members – Brett Millard, Dawn Hawley, Martin Dupras and Gilles Sinclair, whose devoted efforts and collaboration made this exciting new partnership possible.

Tonight marks a significant milestone for the financial planning profession across Canada. We should all be proud and excited to see how much more we can accomplish together.

Merci de m'avoir invité à vous rejoindre ce soir. Je vous souhaite un congrès réussi et je me réjouis d'avance de collaborer dans les années à venir.