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Path to CFP Certification

Chart your path to the most widely recognized financial planning designation in Canada. Find out at a glance: 


So, you’re interested in a career in financial planning. Excellent choice. Check out the sections below to find out what the career looks like:

Helpful Resources

We're here to help. The resources in this section are updated often, so be sure to visit regularly.

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The CFP certification program is designed to ensure financial planners are able to meet their clients’ needs and the evolving requirements of the financial services industry.

Exam Information

Learn more about FPSC Level 1® Examination
Learn more about CFP® Examination

Applying for Certification

Learn more about FPSC Level 1 Certification
Learn more about CFP Certification

FPSC's Support Team is available to answer your questions as you travel the path to CFP certification. Contact us to reach a dedicated support professional.