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“This was a delightful, successful and very professional visit and presentation by Cherie. For me it was very satisfying to have an alumni come in and share their financial journey’s experience with the current students. Cherie is a 2007 graduate of our Financial Planning program. Her delivery was clear and very well received by the students, questions were answered with great confidence, and all in all she imparted wonderful encouragement to the students.”

​-Sydney Liburd, Professor of the Finance Program at Sheridan College
on CFP Professional Ambassador, Cherie Ahlberg

“Timothy was an amazing and informative panelist! Many students were satisfied from the advice and information he provided not just about his background but about the CFP designation as many students who came to the event were interested in pursuing that designation.”

​-Shinthu Sivabalan, Director, External Relations, Ryerson University Finance Society
on CFP Professional Ambassador, Timothy Szeto

“The CFP® designation information session with Lyle was amazing! We had over 60 students attend which was much higher than we have anticipated. Overall the event went very well, Lyle presented the CFP designation with as much detail necessary, he answered every single student questions, and was very engaging and at times humorous.”

​-Eddie Ngai,VP of Finance, Douglas College Business Association
on CFP Professional Ambassador, Lyle MacDougall

“Raymond was extraordinary...his comments were clear, the students appreciated his insights, he responded to questions...and overall he made a great impression on everyone...including me...! I spend a lot of time in my CFP classes trying to impress upon the students how important this training may be someday and he reinforced that message."

​-Chris Douglas, Instructor, Red River College of Applied Arts, Science & Technology
on CFP Professional Ambassador, Raymond Padua

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