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Meet Successful CFP® Professionals

CFP professionals have a lot in common, especially their commitment to excellence in financial planning. They’re also individuals with unique histories, perspectives and work experiences. The following profiles are of financial planners from all segments of the industry and all parts of the country. See what insights they have to offer on their chosen profession.

R. Stewart Gavin, CFP

President of the Gavin Management Group Inc. and Former NHL Hockey Player

During his 15-year professional hockey career, Stew Gavin recognized the need for a program that would ensure an athlete's business affairs were completely organized and their interests protected.

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Regan Exner, CGA, CFP

Tax Partner at MNP LLP

Like most boys growing up in Canada, my dream job was to become a professional hockey player. Fairly early on I realized that wasn’t going to happen, so I set a new realistic dream job.

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Al Nagy, CFP

Regional Director, Investors Group Financial Services

It was very important from a credibility standpoint for me to have this credential. In addition, it gave me the confidence to speak with authority on a wide variety of financial issues.

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Stephanie Dean, CFP

Financial Planning Consultant, RBC Wealth Management

The best part of being a financial planner is working with people to help them realize peace of mind and security that comes from financial stability.

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Stephen Lee, CFP

Associate, Succession Strategies Group Inc.

The CFP credential has afforded me with the tools and insight required to provide an objective perspective for my clients. To provide sound advice that truly puts our clients’ interest first is paramount, to also enjoy what you do is a close second.

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Joe Salib, CFP

Financial Advisor, Y Corporation

The most challenging issue is to explain to prospects what they should expect from a financial planner, and how personal the planning is, as each individual has their specific circumstances that may affect any decision about their finances.

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Tamara Baird, CFP, MBA

Vice President, RocheBanyan Inc.

CFP professionals have built in social responsibility – helping clients manage their financial planning affairs positively impacts society by empowering individuals to be independent.

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Akinwale Thompson, CFP

Financial Planner

Since I fell in love with financial planning 17 years ago, I had one mission and that was to earn the highest degree of learning in the field. Since the CFP designation was the hallmark of financial planning, I earned the credential.

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Cathy Hiscott, CFP, CHS

Regional Vice-President, Product Solutions Centre (Ontario) at Canada Life, Great West Life, London Life Insurance Company

As I began working with more advanced clients, I realized I needed more expertise. Then as I moved into leadership roles it was important for me to model appropriate behaviours to people I lead. How can I ask advisors to continue their education and develop knowledge if I don’t?

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Janice McFarlane

Regional Sales Manager, Insurance

We live in an era where credit is too easy to get, material possessions are over-valued, and the immediate gratification thing is real! “Supporting” a client’s thinking about financial success can sometimes mean “changing” their thinking and that is challenging. But who doesn’t love a good challenge?!

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