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Statistics About the Profession

Numbers can tell you a lot about people. The information below helps paint a picture of Canada’s largest and most widely recognized body of financial planners: CFP® professionals.

These statistics, collected from the annual renewal form that Canadian CFP professionals complete, provide insight into current demographics as well as emerging trends. This information allows FPSC to stay in tune with the needs of CFP professionals, their clients and the various sectors within the financial planning industry that employ CFP professionals.

While Canadians are increasingly aware of the need for professional financial planning and the demand for competent, ethical planners is on the rise, our statistics show that retirement is on the horizon for many CFP professionals. This means significant job opportunities for the next generation of CFP professionals. 

Gross Earnings





Value Of CFP Certification Study

FPSC recently participated in an international study conducted on behalf of the Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd. (FPSB) by Comparator, an Australian benchmarking organization. Twelve countries including Canada participated in what was deemed the global “Value of CFP Certification Study." A total of 114 financial services firms participated in the survey. 

Among the key findings: Canadian CFP professionals report achieving higher rates of career advancement and longer terms of employment vs. those who do not hold the CFP designation. Click here to download a summary of the Canadian results. 




There’s never been a better time to be a CFP professional as 100% of Canadian firms surveyed said they planned to grow the number of CFP professionals over the next three years.



A Global Profession

Certified Financial Planner professionals, members of an international community more than 170,000 CFP professionals strong in 26 territories around the world, represent the standard in the financial planning profession. 

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