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Board Development Committee

Board Development Committee

The purpose of the Board Development Committee is to foster Board effectiveness by:

  • Facilitating the effective functioning of the Board and enhancing the quality of Board governance, communications , engagement and collaboration, while fostering an effective Board/CEO relationship;
  • Board Succession Planning:
  • Establishing and assessing Director qualifications;
  • Identifying and recruiting qualified Board, Officer, Committee and Panel candidates;
  • Measuring Board performance;
  • Overseeing the orientation and continuing education of Directors; and
  • Developing, reviewing and revising (as necessary) Board Policies and By-laws.

Members – June 2016 to June 2017

  • Dan Busi, CFP (Chair)
  • Dawn Hawley, CFP
  • Cheryl Bauer Hyde
  • James Kraft, CFP
  • Pat Macdonald
  • Brett Millard, CFP