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Dan Busi, CFP

Dan Busi, Chair
Vice President & Investment Counsellor, RBC PH&N Investment Counsel

Dan is a Vice President & Investment Counsellor for RBC PH&N Investment Counsel in Calgary, AB. He has nearly two decades of experience in the industry and uses that experience and his education to manage discretionary portfolios based on in depth financial planning and analysis for high and ultra high net worth families. This holistic approach allows for each portfolio to be tailored to the client's needs in the context of market conditions rather than being dictated by market events alone.

Dan's career path has provided him a broad range of experience across the industry having progressed from a portfolio analyst to independent financial planner, branch manager and VP Wealth Management before joining RBC as a financial planning consultant, using his extensive planning background and experience to build RBC's top Private Banking practice and finally transitioning into discretionary portfolio management in 2008. 

A strong personal focus and belief in professional development and education led to Dan volunteering with FPSC. He has been a volunteer for FPSC since 2003 in various capacities, including Item Writing, Panel of Examiners, Academic Advisory Committee and Certification Scheme Committee. He attributes much of his success to his association with FPSC and the incredible network of professionals he has met while volunteering. Dan was awarded a Fellow of FPSC™ in 2011.