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Continuing Education

CFP® professionals have an obligation to ensure that their knowledge and competence remains current. To renew CFP certification, CFP professionals must attest to completing 25 hours of Continuing Education (CE) activities each year. FPSC Level 1® Certificants in Financial Planning must complete 12 hours each year.

CE Categories

At FPSC we understand that being a CFP professional involves more than being technically competent. It’s about being a well-rounded individual with skills and qualities that can be helpful in carrying out professional duties. Qualifying CE therefore includes the following five categories. 

Visit our FPSC-Approved-CE Search Tool to find approved CE in all of these categories. 

Financial Planning CE activities that fall within the Financial Planning category must be related to one or more aspects of the CFP Professional Competency Profile, the foundation of certification requirements leading to CFP certification. CE in this category may relate to one or more of the financial planning areas, professional skills and technical knowledge.

Practice Management Qualifying CE includes the knowledge and skills used in building professional relationships and growing a professional practice. CE in this category may include activities focused on prospecting skills, business development behaviours, actions and/or processes, business planning skills, networking skills and sales skills.

Professional Responsibility Qualifying Continuing Education (CE) requires the application of FPSC’s principles and rules outlined in the Standards of Professional Responsibility for CFP Professionals and FPSC Level 1 Certificants in Financial Planning (Standards of Professional Responsibility) to scenarios or examples of ethical dilemmas that financial planners encounter in practice. Qualifying CE must include specific application of the FPSC® Code of Ethics and FPSC® Rules of Conduct. CE must include application and demonstrated understanding of the Standards of Professional Responsibility. Content that focuses only on direct knowledge or rote memorization of the Standards of Professional Responsibility will not qualify.  Find out more about the Professional Responsibility requirements, including examples of what qualifies for CE. 

Product Knowledge Qualifying CE includes the product knowledge that planners may use to advise on and sell products or comment on products held by their clients. CE in this category may be focused on any financial planning product, including investment, insurance or debt. Ideally, CE should present a balanced view of the product that includes features and benefits as well as client suitability, risks and costs. The content of CE should help you make product recommendations based on the fit of the product with your client’s situation rather than on the product’s returns, which you don’t control.

Giving Back Qualifying CE includes the knowledge and skills gained from volunteering with community organizations, industry associations, charitable groups or others to help Canadians understand the importance of financial planning and enhance their financial well-being. CE in this category may include involvement in pro bono teaching or development of education programs, community involvement, development of published financial planning research, or involvement in financial planning-related committees, task forces, or focus groups. Non-approved activities may still meet annual CE requirements, although these activities are subject to audit by FPSC.

Annual CE Credit Requirements for CFP Professionals and FPSC Level 1 Certificants 

*If you complete more than 1 credit of Professional Responsibility CE, you may allocate the excess credits to the Financial Planning category. They can be used as Financial Planning credits in the current year or carried over to the following year.

Note: An FPSC-approved Capstone Course qualifies for the equivalent of two years of CE for FPSC Level 1 certificants.

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