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Educator Resources

Bookmark this helpful page of resources and key FPSC documents that have been compiled to better equip educators as they prepare the next generation of financial planning professionals for practice.

FPSC Competency Profile

The FPSC Competency Profile outlines FPSC’s standards of competence for Certified Financial Planner® professionals, which differentiate comprehensive financial planning from other financial services and distinguish the value proposition offered by CFP professionals to their clients.

FPSC-Approved Education Activities

An education provider may choose to offer one or all of the education components associated with CFP® certification or FPSC Level 1® Certification in Financial Planning. Each education requirement is distinct and subject to specific guidelines and approval processes.

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Educational Requirements for CFP Professionals

Education is a fundamental requirement for earning and maintaining CFP certification. Rigorous educational requirements are a key component of what makes the CFP designation the standard in financial planning.

Educators providing FPSC-approved Core Curriculum and Capstone Courses are in demand by those on the path to certification as a CFP professional - the career choice of approximately 17,000 Canadians and growing - as well as more than 2,000 FPSC Level 1 certificants. The CFP designation is the financial planning designation most widely recognized in Canada and worldwide. Interest in becoming a CFP professional – and the need for education that leads to the CFP designation - is expected to increase in the coming years.

Candidates for CFP certification or FPSC Level 1 certification must complete a set of FPSC-approved Core Curriculum courses. Additionally, an FPSC-approved Capstone Course must be completed by candidates for CFP certification; this course also qualifies for Continuing Education (CE) activities for FPSC Level 1 certificants.

Holders of Relevant Financial Planning Qualifications and Other Relevant Professional Qualifications are eligible to be exempt from certain requirements for CFP certification and FPSC Level 1 certification. Please review Routes to CFP Certification for more details.

To maintain the CFP designation and FPSC Level 1 certification, CFP professionals and FPSC Level 1 certificants must complete CE activities every year.