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Value of FPSC Level 1® Certification in Financial Planning

FPSC Level 1 MarkAs an FPSC Level 1 Certificant in Financial Planning, you will demonstrate your technical competence and your commitment to the highest ethical standards of responsibility.

How does the FPSC Level 1 Certification in Financial Planning differ from the CFP® designation? Here's a short explanation:

  • FPSC Level 1 certificants are certified by FPSC to provide financial planning strategies and solutions for clients who have less complex financial planning needs than clients of CFP professionals.
  • FPSC Level 1 certificants can chose to stay at that level of certification, or can continue on to become a CFP professional at any time. If you prefer working with clients who have fairly straightforward financial planning needs, the FPSC Level 1 Certification in Financial Planning is the right credential for you.

When you attain your FPSC Level 1 Certification in Financial Planning, you will immediately receive significant marketing benefits.

  • You will be featured on the Find a Planner or Certificant tool on the FPSC website. This tool is used by Canadians to search out a professional financial planner in their region. You have an opportunityto add content to this section to enhance your marketing profile.
  • You can use the FPSC Level 1 trademarked logo on your business cards, your e-signature or any other marketing materials you produce.
  • You can display your FPSC Level 1 diploma and annual certificate in your office.
  • You can add a new seal to your certificate every year you renew. This proves to your clients you are dedicated to maintaining the highest professional standards including abiding by a code of ethics that ensures your clients interests come before all others.
  • You can wear an FPSC Level 1 lapel pin to display your credentials at client and networking events.

As an FPSC Level 1 certificant, you prove your dedication to professionalism — demanded by the industry and of value to the financial planning profession.

The introduction of the FPSC Level 1 certification was based on extensive financial services industry feedback, which revealed demand for certificants with a proficiency in financial planning to address client situations that are less complex than those which a CFP professional might undertake.

While CFP professionals can address client situations at all levels of complexity, market demand has called for advisors who have sufficient and appropriate competence in financial planning to address client situations that are relatively less complex and who have obtained a planning proficiency at a foundational level. This can be likened to other professions that have different levels of certification to meet different levels of client needs.

FPSC Level 1 certification also provides consumers the protection of a certification that is held to the same ethical and practice standards as CFP certification. This is not only of value to you as an FPSC Level 1 Certificant in Financial Planning and to consumers, but to the financial planning profession as a whole. Further, financial services firms are seeking this certification as demonstration that their employees have reached a meaningful milestone on the path to CFP certification.