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Financial Planning for Canadians
Financial planning is more than budgeting, saving or having the perfect investment strategy. Financial planning is a process that sets you on a course toward achievement of your personal goals, needs and priorities through the proper management of your financial affairs.

Canadians who engage in comprehensive financial planning report significantly higher levels of financial and emotional well-being than those who do limited planning or no planning at all. People with comprehensive plans say they feel more on track with their financial goals and retirement plans, have improved their ability to save, are more confident that they can deal with financial challenges in life, and feel better able to indulge in their discretionary spending goals.

Sounds pretty good, right? Let’s get started!

Visit the Financial Planning for Canadians website to explore nearly 150 videos, articles, and infographics for actionable tips to get you closer to your life’s goals. Visit Now

You can also watch our videos to help you get started on the road to financial confidence.

Women and the Financial Industry

What’s stopping women from getting the financial advice they seek? FPSC’s Consumer Advocate, Kelley Keehn talks about the reasons that some women aren’t getting the support they deserve. If this resonates with you, visit our Financial Planning for Canadians website to learn about engaging with a financial planner.

Find a Planner or Certificant

Your choice of financial planner is an important one. A professional planner has the ability to safeguard and enhance your financial and overall well-being, both today and in the future

Use this tool to find a planner or certificant in your area, or to verify the certification status of a specific planner or certificant.

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The Financial Planning Body of Knowledge

The Financial Planning Body of Knowledge builds on the Canadian Financial Planning Definitions, Standards and Competencies to define the holistic nature and scope of financial planning for the benefit of the Canadian public, educators, students, industry firms and financial planning professionals. The FP-BoK can help guide your decision about the value of working with a financial planning professional for advice around your financial planning needs.

Learn more about the knowledge expected of CFP professionals and FPSC Level 1 Certificants in Financial Planning. View the Financial Planning Body of Knowledge.