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Marketing Toolkit
The Marketing Toolkit helps your clients understand the value of financial planning, how planning can help navigate through every stage of life, and the importance of working with a professional planner. Explore all the resources below and be sure to share with your clients:

Here's the Plan

This brochure has been designed to help Canadians understand how you can help them achieve their personal and financial objectives.
Purchase in packages of 100 for $39.

Value of Financial Planning

FPSC, in conjunction with the FP Foundation, published this booklet highlighting results from a three-year study that provide insight into the potentially life-changing impact of financial planning. 

Here's the Plan brochure

Value of Financial Planning 

Encourage your clients to take the next step. Use this website to find useful, actionable information and tools to assist your clients in achieving their financial goals. Visit Now

Here are some video resources to help your clients get started on the road to financial confidence.

Here's the Plan™ Presentation Template

The Here's the Plan™ presentation was created to help you showcase the value of building a financial plan with a CFP® professional. Click here to download the presentation or view a preview below.


Life's Better with a
CFP® Professional

An FPSC study revealed that the majority of Canadians lack confidence in their financial knowledge. Among the key findings: Canadians who work with a CFP® professional are 32% more likely to feel very knowledgeable about financial matters. Download the infographic.

Life's Better with a CFP Professional

4 Steps to Finding the Financial Planner Who's Right for You

Choosing the right financial planner is an important step on the path to a successful financial future, but many people don't know where to begin or how to determine who would best meet their needs. Share this infographic with your networks to encourage your prospective and current clients to take the next step toward finding a professional financial planner.
Download the infographic.

4 Steps to Finding the Financial Planner Who's Right for You

Your Annual Financial Checkup

Your clients schedule an annual checkup with their doctor. Encourage them to take their finances just as seriously with this new infographic. FPSC recommends meeting with a CFP® professional at least once a year to take their financial pulse. Download the infographic.

Showcase Your Designation

Display your CFP® Certification in a Customized Frame

Order a frame for your diploma or annual certificate.

Use the CFP Marks

Download the logo files to showcase your designation in your email signature, stationery or website. For guidance on how to use them, please refer to the Marks Use Guide for Canadian CFP Professionals.

Order FPSC’s Code of Ethics Poster

Help your clients understand your exceptional commitment to ethics. The poster is available on your FPSC Portal, or you may order a framed poster (scroll to the bottom of the page).

Add Your Certification to LinkedIn

  1. Click the Me icon at the top of LinkedIn to go to your profile.
  2. Add your certificate
    • If you've previously added a certificate, scroll down to the Certifications section and click Add.
    • If you've never added a certificate, you'll first want to add a Certificationssection. From the Add new profile section dropdown, scroll to Accomplishments, then click the plus sign next to Certifications.
  3. Type in your certification information.
  4. A menu displaying companies will appear as you type in the Certification Authority field. Be sure to select Financial Planning Standards Council from the menu so their logo appears next to the certification on your profile.
  5. Click Save.

FPSC Consumer Resources
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