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President’s List

President's List

Following each CFP® examination sitting, FPSC recognizes the top three successful candidates as members of the President’s List.

We congratulate these individuals for their exceptional performance.

November 2018

1st Place: Christopher Ferris – Ottawa, ON
2nd Place: Jennifer Armstrong – Vernon, BC
3rd Place: Haiyan Wang – Burnaby, BC

June 2018

1st Place: Katelyn Culliton - Waterloo, ON
2nd Place Tie: Neal Kongkham - London, ON
                         Blair Evans - Winnipeg, MB

December 2017

1st Place: Nathan Wood - Calgary, AB
2nd Place Tie: Travis Allen - Kitchener, ON 
                         Wes Cowlishaw - Saskatoon, SK

June 2017

1st Place: Sara Ready - Toronto, ON
2nd Place Tie: Christopher Krmpotic - Waterloo, ON
                         Timothy Schilds - Dawson Creek, BC

November 2016

1st Place: Kouros Ghanavizchian - Vancouver, BC
2nd Place: Kyle Snowden - Grimsby, ON
3rd Place: Muizz Saleh - Mississauga, ON

June 2016

1st Place: Simon Couvrette - Ottawa, ON
2nd Place Tie: 
Melissa Loiselle - Edmonton, AB
                         Marc Sherman - Toronto, ON 

November 2015

1st Place: Marlene C. Buxton - Toronto ON
2nd Place: 
Michael Eddington - Chatam ON
3rd Place: 
Kayla Block - Warman, SK 

June 2015

1st Place: John Vermeulen - North Vancouver, BC
2nd Place: 
Timothy Brown - Halifax, NS
3rd Place: 
Ashley Gordon - Sudbury, ON