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Resources for CFP® Professionals

FPSC is pleased to offer a number of resources to assist you as a CFP® professional:

Job Board

Certified Financial Planner® professionals are the standard in a highly respected profession and are in demand by employers everywhere. Check our Job Board often for opportunities for CFP professionals.

Log in to your FPSC Portal to view jobs.

Volunteer Opportunities

As a CFP professional, you can use your knowledge and expertise to make a difference. FPSC volunteers help build the profession of financial planning, promote the value of CFP certification, and give back to Canadians who can benefit from a financial planner's services. From writing examination items to serving on committees, from public outreach to ethics hearing panels, there are opportunities to contribute in areas for any area of interest and any window of time. Watch your email for opportunities happening throughout the year.

Global use of Your CFP Marks

FPSC and organizations in other territories that manage Certified Financial Planner certification are members of the Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB), which owns the rights to CFP certification and service marks outside the US and its territories. Within the US and its territories, the CFP certification and service marks are owned by Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. (CFP Board).

In response to the increased internationalization of financial markets and the need to support consumers with international assets and interests, some FPSB member organizations have established reciprocity agreements allowing CFP professionals to obtain the rights to use the CFP Marks in select FPSB member countries.

All CFP professionals are required to meet the ongoing competency and regulatory requirements of each country in which they practice, pass a certifying examination or its equivalent and hold insurance, securities and other licences required to practice in that country.

Cross-Border Certification

To view cross-border policies that govern how an individual with the CFP designation may practice as a CFP professional in member countries around the world, please refer to FPSB's website.

If you are a CFP professional from another country and want to become certified in Canada, please view FPSB's Certification across Borders Requirement for Canada.

Post-Secondary Advanced Standing

FPSC continuously works with colleges and universities across Canada to promote the value of CFP certification. Many post-secondary institutions recognize the rigorous education requirements required for the CFP designation and award CFP professionals with transfer credits toward Bachelor and MBA programs. Check with your local post-secondary institution to inquire about advanced standing opportunities in your area.

Currently, your CFP designation can lead to advanced standing in the following post-secondary degree program:

  • Dalhousie MBA (Financial Services)

    Located in the heart of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Dalhousie University is a leading research-intensive Canadian university offering more than 180 degree programs. In 2007, FPSC announced its partnership with Dalhousie University in offering the MBA (Financial Services).

    To enter the MBA (FS) program under the route for CFP certificants, applicants must be CFP professionals who have five years work experience in financial services at the appropriate level. Applicants must also have a degree recognized by Dalhousie University equivalent to a four-year bachelor degree, with an equivalent of a minimum B average (GPA 3.0 on a 4.3 scale).

    CFP professionals may be considered to have advanced standing in the Financial Services specialization and be eligible to forgo up to three of the program’s elective classes.

    Learn more about the Core Courses, Electives and program details by visiting the Dalhousie MBA (FS) page.